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Helping every lost pet find its way home

To enable a world where you can bring your pet everywhere you live, work play, or stay

A pack of solutions working to make the world a better place for pets and people.

Amber Alert for Pets.  A national network that connects nearby Pet Owners via SMS immediately to help quickly locate and return lost dogs and cats.

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A pet eTail Marketplace that connects hundreds of trusted pet merchants to loving pet owners.  Focused on bringing only the best products at the best prices.

The solution that powers them all

America's first Pet Software company dedicated to removing breed restrictions in the long term rental market. Using technology and data to help landlords across the country understand how to thoughtfully measure risk and enact responsible, accountable, and inclusive pet policies.

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Our Company

We’re Part of the Paw-some PetScreening

One team across a series of brands focused on making the world a better place for pets, pet owners, and pet friendly businesses.

Meet our pack and pups

Build a pet friendlier world with us

At PetScreening, we’re working to make the world a little more pet-friendly, one community at a time.

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